Volunteer Opportunities

We have several opportunities available to volunteer.
We offer community service hours if needed.
Please email us at MiddleburgCA@gmail.com if you would like to help.
We have provided a list of some of the opportunities  below:

2 Parades a Year

  • Lead Volunteer Coordinator
  • Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
  • Parade Flyer Delivery 1
  • Parade Flyer Delivery 2
  • Marquee Letter Delivery
  • Marque Caller
  • Banner Hanger
  • Banner Removal
  • Parade Route Lead Monitor
  • Parade Route Helpers x15
  • Horse Lot Helper 1
  • Horse Lot Helper 2
  • North Lot Clean up Crew
  • South Lot Clean up Crew
  • Parade Route Clean up Crew 
  • Parade Route Pick up Truck for Trash to Follow Clean up Crew
  • Line Up Lot Sign Placement Person
  • Parade Lot Caution Tape
  • Parade Lot Porto Potty Meet Delivery w/Check
  • Cone Truck w/Driver For Pick up of Cones (Placement and Return)
  • Cone Placement Helpers x3
  • Park Lot Entrance Crew – need 6
  • Line Up Lot Crew – need 6 more
  • Parking Lot Money Taker 
  • Parking Lot Money Taker Assistant
  • Horse Lot Money Taker
  • Sponsor Finder

Businesses willing to send staff out to help with street clean up after a parade.
Please email us for details at MiddleburgCA@gmail.com  

Historic Fall Festival

  • 6 Volunteers for Traffic Control
  • 6 Volunteers for Perimeter Monitoring
  • 3 Volunteers for Clean Up
  • 1 Kitchen Coordinator
  • 2 Kitchen Helpers
  • 2 Kitchen clean Up
  • Day Before Event Helpers for Set Up
  • Banner Hangers
  • Banner Removal
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Event Brochure Creation
  • Sponsor Research

Building maintenance

Small groups willing to come in to detail clean wiping down walls doors and windows, sweeping, dusting, stove cleaning, cabinet organizing, minor repairs as needed.


Weeding & Mulch placement get mulch donations